Timo Koopmans appointed as new Investment Manager of Utrecht Health Seed Fund

The Utrecht Health Seed Fund is happy to announce the start of its new Investment Manager: Timo Koopmans. Timo holds a PhD in medicinal chemistry from Utrecht University and as a startup founder himself, understands the challenges young companies face.
Furthermore he has experience at a management & innovation consultancy firm, focussed on Life Sciences. His most recent project involved improving the management of the portfolio of public-private partnerships at a large pharmaceutical company. Among other things, Timo is responsible for managing UHSF’s portfolio, attracting and developing new investment opportunities and expansion of our financing instruments.

Moveshelf closes seed investment to accelerate digital transformation of diagnosis and care for movement disorders

We proudly announce UHSF’s second investment, in Moveshelf, together with Locapes Investment Fund. Moveshelf is a digital health company with a unique platform for clinical movement analysis.
We look forward to working with their talented team!
Please find the press release below:

March 2nd, 2021, Utrecht, The Netherlands


Moveshelf, a digital health company with a unique platform for clinical movement analysis, has raised a seed investment to accelerate the digital transformation of diagnosis and care for movement disorders. Utrecht Health Seed Fund (UHSF) and Locapes Investment Fund contributed to this round.

One out of four 50+ year olds are confronted with some form of movement disorders, with prevalence rising sharply with age. Severe movement disorders in particular, such as those associated with Osteoarthritis, Stroke, Cerebral palsy, and Parkinson’s disease have a high societal, personal, and economic impact. Movement analysis, the structured and quantified measurement of movement data, is a vital part of the diagnosis and treatment of patients affected by movement disorders. Moveshelf, founded by Ignazio Aleo, PhD (CEO) and Per Slycke (Chairman), integrates movement analysis with clinical systems, providing a digital platform for decision support and objective and quantitative analysis of complex multi-modal datasets.  Similar to what Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) and Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA) have done for Xrays and MRI imaging since the 1980s, Moveshelf supports the standardization and interoperability of movement analysis technologies.

Ignazio Aleo, CEO of Moveshelf said: “We are thrilled with this collaboration and excited for the next phase of Moveshelf. This is a major milestone, and it will enable us to accelerate our plans and serve our rapidly growing number of clinical customers with our digital platform for movement analysis. Based on feedback that we receive from the clinicians that we work with, we are convinced that we can make a significant difference in patients’ lives.”

Jaap de Bruin, UHSF’s Fund Manager commented: “We are excited to join the journey of Moveshelf and its mission to facilitate movement digitization and diagnosis to improve outcomes for patient groups that face a complex set of disabling movement limitations. Furthermore, we look forward to working with the talented team that is driving the company.”


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